Thank you for your support!

The Belvedere Tiburon Library Foundation thanks our generous donors who contributed between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

$100,000 +

Coit Family Foundation
Katharine H. Johnson
Melanie and Peter Maier Philanthropic Fund
The Estate of Florence Miner
Gloria Miner
Norby Anderson
Lori and Jeff Runnfeldt
Stephen M. Silberstein Fund
Barbara and Mordechai Winter


$25,000 -$99,000

Ann Bolger and Ronald Helow
Judy and Bob Huret
Marin Community Foundation
Jane and Barry Moss
Susan and Robert Wolfe


$5,000 to $24,999

The Belvedere Tiburon Library Art Committee
Benjamin Tanner Fund
Christine and George Bo-Linn
Joan and Hillary Don
Diane and Todd Garrett
Janice Anderson-Gram and Thomas Gram
Judson, Heather and Charlote Lobdell
Claire McAuliffe
Sumaya and Edward Miner
Noelle Leca and Michael Moradzadeh
Terry and Dennis Schwakopf
Dana and Rich Steele
Sharon and Clark Winslow
The Winifred and Harry B. Allen Foundation


$1,000 to $4,999

Foundations and Donor Advised Funds
B. Arlander Foundation-National Philanthropic Trust
Brinker Family Fund II –Communities Foundation of Texas
The Chittenden Fund
Fund for Humanity Charitable Foundation
Frank and Barbo Greene Charitable Fund
William and Gretchen Kimball Fund
Kern Family Fund
Kurland Family Foundation
Longview Foundation
The Pinecrest Fund
Albert and Roxanne Richards Fund
John and Betsy Scarborough Fund
Bonnie and Louis Spiesberger

Joan and Kirk Beales
Carole and Marvin Breen
Dorothy C. Bronson
Arlene Buechert
Derrick Chia
Nancy and Starrett Dalton 
Judith Davis
Marie Feldman
Mrs. Mary Fishman
Karen Price and John Foran
Chara Schreyer and Gordon Freund
Muriel and Hugh Harris
Gay and Wyman Harris
Susan Hoeschler
Beverlee Johnson
Sharon and Bob Kahn
Julie and Russell Keil
Geri and Bill Kuhns
Mimi and Walter Levison
Zelinsky Properties LLC
Arlene Strong Pinkerton
Fredric Postle
Ann Aylwin and Bill Smith
Patti and David Stadlin
Madelon Timmons
Judy C. Webb
Rene Zakhour



Foundations and Donor Advised Funds
Auerbach Family Fund
The PB Fund
Seelenfreund Family Fund
Richard and Alice Shelton Charitable Fund
Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund
William and Ingrid Wheeler Charitable Giving Fund

Edward B. Cohen & Charlene Barshefsky
in Memory of Dr. Lois Epstein
Heather Cameron and Ward Shaw
Rob and Diane Cassil
Lopa and Paritosh Choksi
Diane and John Cope
Jay Cohen and Laura Cox
Jean and Tom Cromwell
William Chuang and Pia Deleon
Dr. Lois Epstein
Tracy and Mark Evans
Gap Inc.
Traci and Richie Goldman
Richard Laiderman
Emma Theen and Hans Stephan Larson
Susan and Steven Machtinger
Dawn Daniel M.D. and Herb Madan
Robert McCaskill and Pam Martori
Thomas McDowell
Carole McNeil
Tara and Bryan Meehan
Barbara Morrison
Kathy and John Pearson
Carol and Tom Perot
Carolie Pescatello
Eva and Bill Price
Gwen and Tom Price
Sara and J. Stuart Ryan
Jennifer and Mike Shepard
Tracey and Jonathan Turner
John C. Gilman and Roberta B. Williamson
Maria Woodward


$250 to $499

Foundations and Donor Advised Funds
Bewley * Motluk Charitable Foundation
The Lisa R. Bornstein Fund
David Norman and Kathleen Dell Fund
The Michelle and Robert Friend Foundation
John Fulford and Cheryl Fulford Charitable Giving Fund
Griffith Family Foundation
Kulp-Oreffice Philanthropic Fund
PG& E Corporation Foundation
Steve and Chris Wilsey Fund
Businesses and Matching Gift Programs
Chevron Matching Gifts

Benjamin Aune
Kamala and David Berry
M. Madeline Boshart
Katharine and James Burke
Carol and Richard Canady
Kim and Jim Coggan
M.N. Plant and Thomas L. Davis
Helene L. Denebeim
Martha and Anthony Eason
Barbara A. Elliott
Jaleh A. and Galen A. Etemad
Sandra Donnell and Justin Faggioli
Mary Falk
Dora Gavros DDS
James Campbell and Adam Gavzer
George Gnoss
Joy Graustark and Larry Oesterich
Diane Green
Lorrie and Richard Greene
Shelby and Marshall Gross
Martha and David Irmer
Gabriella and Glenn Isaacson
Rebecca and Allan Jergesen
Carol and Ken Jesmore
Donna and Sylvan Klein
Diana Bradley and Ted Liston
Christa L. and Mark G. Lopez
Peter Mason
Brian Matas
Deborah Mazzolini
Dennis McDonald
Theodore C. McMechen
Carole McNeil
Dan Janney and Noelle Montgomery
Neva and Marvin Moskowitz
Richard Otter
Alexandra Ottesen
Gail and Melville Owen
Carol Rayner
Enid and Alan Rubin
Irene Scully
Kathleen Shiffer
Elizabeth H. Simmons
Sylvia Singh
Carol and Joe Slamovich
Kay and Roger Smith
Linda Ekstrom Stanley
Leonard J. Stecklow and Karen A. Steiner
June and Brian Strunk
Millicent M. Susens
Russ Symon
John and Christine Telischak
Janet and Udi Toledano
Jett Walker
Patty and Dave Young
Ron Zech


$100 to $249

Donor Advised Funds and Foundations
Ed and Peggy Hirsh Fund
Wayne Gilbert and Diane Sklar Philanthropic Fund
Richard and Peggy Greenfield Foundation

Businesses and Matching Gift Programs
The Belvedere Tiburon Newcomers Club
Forest Investment Group Inc. AKA Unicorn Printing
Golden Gate Philharmonic
Just Give
Mortgage Capital Development Corp. Matching Gifts
National Mah Jongg League, Inc
R & S Service
Thomson Reuters-Matching Gifts Program
Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Kathryn and Evertt Ai
David R. Albert
Ethel and Jack Aldridge
Shane Anderies
David P. Anderson
John Anderson
Nancy Ankrum
Suzanne and Jeff Appleman
Elise and Frank Ardourel
Judith and Christopher Armstrong
Dr. Charles and Carol Arnold
Whitney Bardwick
Stephen Barker
Azita Mujica Beavers
Carol and Leslie Benet
David Bennett, CPA
Sue Benvenuti
Riva and David Berelson
Piper and Miles Berger
Joan R. Bergsund
Susan and Robert Bernheim
Donna and David Bero
Isabelle Bird
Aviva and Karl Boedecker
Diane and David Bradford
Kathleen and V. William Brady
Janet S. Braff
Anne and Herb Briggin
Molly and Dave Brining
Kimberley and David Brody
Hank Bruce
William D. Caddell
Mary and Steve Callender,  Jr.
Lois Cannady
Xian Sheng Huang and Cindy Cao
Jeanette and Martin Carr
Marie and Michael Cavanagh
Pamela Dekema and Dick Champe
Celine Hu and George Chu
Michael Coffino
Mrs. Betty Conner
Adele Corvin
Stone Coxhead
Julie Croker
Peggy Curran and Josh Sale
Susan and Michael Dab
Robin Daly
Dan Fitzgerald and Kerry Davidson
Christina Decker
Mary J. Defenderfer
Molly Dick
Patricia and Gilmore Diekmann
Dean Dietrich
Helen and Troy Van Dongen  
Anne and Larry Drew
Harry Easom
Georgeann Economy
Joe Elson
Sandra and Edwin Epstein
Jean and Bobby Epstein
Lee Humphrey (Erickson)
Carol B. Essick
Judith Ets-Hokin
Susan and Daniel Federman
Marcia and Roger Felton
Cindy and Bradley Fenner
Robert O. Finch
Rita Fink
Mrs. Mary Fishman
Victoria and Barry Fong
Alice Fredericks
Shirley and Rodney Friedman
Millie and Charles Froeb
Karen Gann
Sara and Paul Garbarini
Joan E. Garrett
Gail K. Geiger
Monica St. Geme
Vera Gertler
Susan and Kamran Ghiasi
Joseph P. Gillach
Robert Glavin
Dr. Elisabeth Gleason
Adrea Goldberg
Teron and Sidney Gorham
Geraldine Green
Hannah and Richard Greenberg
Deborah and John Greenspan
Joan and Robert Griffin
Joyce and Martin Griffin
Mary Griffin
Judy and Jon Groesbeck
Karen Gullett
Deborah Halpern
Clarrie and Ralph Hanley
Elizabeth and Robert Hart
Gail and Sterling Harwell
Gillian and Ralph Hayward
Brannon Heath
Susan and Phil Henry
Joan and Rob Hess
William Heydorn, MD
Sharon and Dale Hilpert
E. Alan Holroyde
Gail and Richard Holway
Holly and Jay Hooker
James W. House
Linda and Stephen Hulley
Sylvia Jacob
Evelyn and Robert Jaffe
Helene Jaffe
Cynthia Jensen
Maureen and Ken Johnson
Mrs. Thomas J. Johnson
Margaret E. Jones and Reese T. Jones, MD
Marcy Ann Kaufman
Gabrielle D. Keil
Emily Kerner
Terry Kessler and Francine Halberg
Kathleen B. King
Meta J. Kirschbaum
Lisa Klairmont
Janette and Bill Knick
Shirley and Ron Kosciusko
Linda and Hal Kramer
Elena Swan
George J. Landau
Michele Lepine
Sarah Lind
Helen and William Lindqvist
Paula Little
Barbara and Lawrence Lonn
Shirley Loube
Diane and Leslie Lynch
Dr. Jan Maisel
Judith and Melvyn Mark
Helen B. March
James B. Martinoni
Marie and Bertram Masia
Alexander Mazour
Charmaine T. and Luck C. Mazur
Jocelyn McDonnell
Thomas L. Hall and Ellen McLoughlin
Debbie S. Miller
Robin A. and David R. Minor, MD
Dolores and Marvin Mizis
Barbara Mogerman
Helen and Fraser Muirhead
Yasuko and Masahiro Murata
William W. Newland
Joyce Turley Nicholas
Rebecca and Alan Nichols
Arlene and Chip Nielsen
Thomas C. Nord
Joanne Norman
Cecil North, Jr.
Lucile Noyes
Timothy Berger and Jessica O’Dwyer
Keiko Otsu
Nancy and Derek Parker
Sally Pasternack
Lynn Pasternak
Barbara S. Patten
E. Scott Patton
Lynn Payne
Karin and Scott Peters
Elda and Richard Phillips
Laura and Donald Pino
Lee and Harvey Poppel
Morgan Prickett
Rebecca and Robert Pringle
Paul Pruneau
Wallace Quinn
Gus Raney
Sally and Bill Rankin
Eloise Rauscher
Stephanie Rice
Brenda and Dexter Roberts
Barbara and Eric Roberts
Harvey Rogers
Carma A. Rose
Fred and Judy Rose
Ruth and Richard Rosen
Judith and David Rosner
Jordan Eth and Bonnie Ross
Patricia J. and Edgar J. Rothenberg
Gloria Ruppert
Marianne and Burton Rutkin
Joan Sadler
Gretchen Saeger
Georgia Sales
Ann and William Salyer
King and Bruce Sams
Alan Sankin
Jennifer and Ronn Sann
Beverly Savitt
Lynn and James Scadden
Cynthia and Stephen F. Schneider
Peter Schneiderman
Blare and Benarr Schreiner
Sally and Steve Schroeder
Fred Selinger and Carolyn Wendler
Kathryn H. Shaefer
Lori and Glenn Shannon
Renee and Tom Shurstad
Patricia Sims
Nancy Sumner and Jeff Slavitz
Margaret Mary Smetana
Suzanne and Henry Smith
Peter Snoek
Rhonda and Fred Soofer
Cheryl and Gideon Sorokin
Edith and Howard Spindler
Lynn E. Spitler, MD
Gary R. Spratling
Julie B. Stahl
Amie and Peter Stanley
Peyton and Jeffrey Stein
Beverly and Don Stephens
Ruth and Larry Stotter
Susan and Rich Sundberg
Carol and Sanford Svetcov
Thelma and Lewis Taich
Iris and Paul Tandler
Joyce Tayer
Judith and Irvin Taylor
Maureen and David Thompson
Melinda and James Triplett
Yvonne Tseng
Jeanne and Peter Jon Tymstra
Nancy and Sidney Unobskey
Michael Valliant
Cres Van Keulen
Katherine and Richard Vasicek
Stefanie and Carlos Vasquez
Paul Von Stamwitz
Betty Wallerstein
Janet and Gordon Webb
Chris and Ken Weil
Jennifer Rasmussen and Daren Weil
Chrisa and Robert Wells
Ann and Larry Wheat
Lucia and George Whitney
Jan and Charles Wittingham
Sandra Mellow Wolf
Nikki and Jim Wood
Diane and Tony Wynshaw-Boris
Ruth D. Young