BTLF Event: Pop Up 94920-Presenters

Bringing Creatures to Life
Seunghun Lee
Creature Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)

Defying Deference
Blye Faust
Partner & Co-Founder, Rocklin | Faust

Code: Debugging the Gender Gap
Robin Hauser Reynolds
Film Director and Producer

Five Myths Threatening Our Environmental Future
Betsy Rosenberg
Green Media Maven

The Blockchain

P. Bart Stephens
Managing Partner, The Blockchain


Alison Davis
Advisor, Fifth Era


Gary Cookhorn
Managing Director, Fortress

Savvy: My True Story
Kathleen Buckstaff

What Your Face Mites Say About You
Michelle Trautwein
Evolutionary Biologist

Welcome Aboard

Captain Maggie
U.S.C.G. Certified Captain, The Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry

Follow the Money

Ruth Stotter
Storyteller, Educator, Author

Featured Documentary, Introduction by Terry Schwakopf

Not Alone
Kiki Goshay
Founder, Kiki Goshay Productions