Directions + Map

The day of the event can get a little overwhelming with parking. Because you are coming with small children we ask that you pay extra attention to traffic and cars moving about. With so many people coming in at one time it can get confusing and crowded.

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We can suggest the following places to park:

Greenwood Beach Road

You can park along this street and walk along the path.  You can also park in the church parking lot.

Jefferson Drive/Belveron

If you park on this street please be very careful crossing Tiburon Blvd.  Please use the crosswalk and watch for oncoming traffic.

Belveron/Trestle Glen (Mercury Ave / Juno Rd)

If you park here you will need to use the cross walk at Trestle Glen and then enter onto the walk path.

Stewart Drive

Again please be extremely careful crossing Tiburon Blvd and coming onto the walking path at Blackies. 

Avenida Miraflores

After crossing Tiburon Blvd, you will be at South of Knoll Park.  You would then just need to walk down the path to the event.